Tourists confused, disappointed by Cobourg’s off-limits beach

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In the “Feel Good Town” of Cobourg, Ontario, local residents have seen some of the harshest COVID-19 restrictions out of all Ontario's municipalities.

With access to the renowned Victoria Beach completely fenced off, Cobourg police arbitrarily impose “ankle height” restrictions on those who dare to wade into the waters of Lake Ontario.

How can one respect the law and take it seriously when law abiding, peaceful citizens are treated like hardened criminals for strolling a beach shoreline? This, as convicted criminals are released from prison across Ontario, under the guise of “safety.”

And look at the local splash pad! A scary sight indeed for some of the youngest children in the community  feeling more like a mini prison than a place of play and enjoyment.

If closing such a valued public, fresh, open air space is based on public opinion, well, was the public ever consulted over the last few decades while Cobourg’s tourism department endlessly marketed the downtown core and beachfront specifically?

Is it fair that beach goers suffer the consequence of the efforts of Cobourg’s tourism department? It was they who brought tourism to the area — and now we must close down our beach because of their marketing?

But further to that, it appears closing the beach hasn’t actually kept tourists away. Nearly every person found on the boardwalk on this beautiful sunny day was not actually from Cobourg.

Of course this is while the campground that also connects to the boardwalk remains open to tourists, and the marina is smooth sailing for anyone not from Cobourg.

Once again, hypocrisy is the new normal.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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