Trans-lobbyists twist parental protest against sexual ideology as hateful, attempting to influence police response

In the fall of 2023, concerned parents mobilized to oppose the sexual indoctrination embedded in Canadian schools through provincially mandated curriculums like SOGI123. Meanwhile, the trans-lobby spread misinformation about the protest's objectives and attempted to coordinate with law enforcement on policing response.

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In the fall of 2023, parents concerned about the content being promoted in publicly funded schools took to the streets to have their voices heard. However, they became the subject of misinformation and disinformation attacks by the trans lobby, attempting to liaise with law enforcement to shape the police response to these demonstrations.

During September and October 2023, hundreds—perhaps even thousands—of counter-protesters gathered to counter the 'Million March 4 Children' protests taking place across Canada. At that time, concerned parents were rallying against the proliferation of radical sexual ideology within provincial school systems across Canada.

Parents, protesting on the lawn of Queens Park, the Ontario legislature building,  found themselves facing an aggressive swarm of rainbow-laden, mask-wearing counter-protesters that were called to action by Canada’s largest labour federation union – the Ontario Federation of Labour.

The OFL labelled concerned parents as ultra-conservative right-wingers, who are against teaching 2SLGBTQIA+ content in schools. As a result, social media saw a surge in “No Space for Hate'' graphics shared by those who took this rhetoric at face value.

Yet parents on the ground were saying something different.

They repeatedly expressed concerns about the perversion of children through highly sexual content promoted in schools and ideologies that young minds are not developmentally equipped to process. Their focus was on championing the preservation and protection of childhood innocence, something that is short-lived and when compromised, can never be reclaimed.

But the trans-lobby didn’t bother to listen to the concerns of any parents because they were too busy lobbying the media, government, and, as it turns out, police forces. 

They ignored statements and missions put out by concerned parents regarding the infiltration of radical sexual ideologies in our schools under the guise of the sexual orientation and gender ideology curriculum known as SOGI. Instead, two particular individuals were busy spreading false fabrications, namely in an email sent out by Wendie and Carolyn, the two co-founders of the Peel Region Pflag chapter.

Carolyn Bieck holds a 2SLGBTQ+ study certificate from Humber College. She and Wendy Hutchinson are seen in this picture with Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie, Councillor Dasko, Fire Chief Deryn Rizzi, Peel Police Deputy Chief Mark Dapat, Human Resources Chief and VP of People Services at Trillium Health Partners Kerry Pond, and Vice President of Sheridan’s Student Union Julia Bertola, raising the Progress Pride flag at Mississauga City Hall in 2022.

In an email forwarded to Constable Joanna Styrczula, the head of Peel Regional Police’s Equity and Inclusion Bureau, the duo had an urgent request:

I'm writing to you with an urgent request, in support of trans and non-binary youth. As you likely are aware, there are anti-trans rallies being organized across the country this week, as part of the "1 million march 4 children."

These rallies are explicitly transphobic, hateful, and dangerous. Through misinformation, fear-mongering, and hate, these rallies tell trans and non-binary youth, as well as 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, that our safety and rights don't matter.

This just isn't true. This Wednesday, one of the anti-trans rallies is happening at Mississauga City Hall, at 9 am. We are organizing a counter protest on Wednesday, and need your support.

None of that was true, though. According to the Hands Off Our Kids website, the movement is about safeguarding parental rights, parental involvement, and transparency in education. It's for parents who oppose the "forceful promotion of sexual orientation and gender ideology (SOGI) in schools," and it is repeatedly emphasized that this is "not a fight against the LGBTQ community."

The invitation to join extends to individuals from "all faiths, nationalities, and cultural backgrounds" who share the belief that schools should prioritize "subjects such as Ethics, Critical Thinking, English, Math, and Science."

To say these parents are ultra-right conservative, transphobic, hateful, and dangerous is a baseless and extreme fabrication, serving only to sow division and dehumanize the legitimate concerns of parents. In true ideological subversive fashion, trans lobbyists successfully re-framed the protests as anti-LGBTQ, and the media did their part in spreading divisive rhetoric by calling them hate-fuelled, anti-human rights marches.

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