Transport Canada fines two people $1,000 each for refusing to cover faces on flights

Transport Canada fines two people $1,000 each for refusing to cover faces on flights
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Transport Canada has issued their first two fines since the implementation of the Interim Order to Prevent Certain Persons from Boarding Flights in Canada due to COVID-19.

The two fines are $1,000 each.

The Interim Order was enacted on June 13 and then repealed and replaced on June 27.

Both Incidents Occurred On WestJet Flights

One incident was on a WestJet flight from Calgary to Waterloo on June 14.

The second incident was also on a WestJet flight, this time from Vancouver to Calgary on July 7.

Last week, WestJet tweeted that they would implement a “zero-tolerance policy in support of the requirement for all guests, over the age of two, to wear masks and face coverings.”

Exemptions Include Eating, Drinking, Taking Medicine

According to a Government of Canada press release,

In both incidents, the individuals were directed repeatedly by the air crew to wear their face coverings during the flights and in both cases, the individuals refused.

...under the interim order, all travelers must have a face covering with them prior to boarding. Travelers must wear their face coverings at all time while boarding, during the flight and from the moment the doors of the aircraft are opened until the person enters the air terminal building when they are two metres or less from another person. Certain exemptions do apply, such as a while eating, drinking and taking oral medicine.

No Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 Transmission on Flights

In August, the Government of Canada admitted that there is no evidence to suggest you can catch COVID-19 on a flight:

To date, the Government of Canada is not aware of any cases attributed to passenger-to-passenger transmission on a flight to or from Canada. However, work continues with the provinces and territories to strengthen contact-tracing processes to reduce and quantify the risk of COVID-19 transmission during air travel.

Visit for more information about bylaws and rules across Canada.

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