Transport Minister dodges travel questions, attendees at exclusive $1,000 per plate fundraiser weigh in

‘Unvaccinated citizens should not be free to travel by plane,’ most attendees believe.

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The event, held at the Laurier Club Garden Party at the War Museum in Ottawa, was open to those who paid $1,000 and were willing to produce proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

On that same night, CBC reported vaccine requirements for rail and air travellers would be lifted, though Transport Minister Omar Alghabra appeared unable to answer questions about the issue posed to him by Rebel News reporters. The only question Alghabra seemed equipped enough to answer was: How are you?

At 6:00 p.m. on June 13, 2022, Rebel News reporter Lincoln Jay and I, William Diaz-Berthiaume, headed to Parliament Hill to query the public on their opinions about Canada remaining the only Western nation in the company of North Korea and China when it comes to not permitting unvaccinated citizens to travel by plane.

The thoughts on the issue from the three individuals we were able to interview were very diverse. Conservative MP John Williamson explained that the reason why these discriminatory restrictions were still in place is because “Justin Trudeau is our Prime Minister.”

Following our interactions, we drove to the War Museum in order to pose the same questions to attendees at Justin Trudeau’s event. In order to access the event, people must be part of the Laurier Club, which is a club accessible only to individuals who donated enormous sums of money to the Liberal Party. According to the Laurier Club website, members over 35 years old must donate $1,600 every year, and members under 35 years old must donate $8,00 annually.

We waited in front of the entrance to catch attendees.

When asked if unvaccinated citizens should be able to board a plane, one Liberal fan answered: “No I do not, no I do not. The vaccine is very important.”

This was the feeling shared by most attendees, except for one.

A younger man approached Rebel News and seemed interested in speaking with us. I asked him what he thought about the travel ban on unvaccinated citizens, and the young attendee gave a libertarian answer.

“It’s crazy. [...] i think it’s too much,” he replied.

“I got vaccinated just to travel,” he continued, explaining he would not have received the vaccine if a travel ban wasn’t in place.

Even though most security guards at the event were friendly and respected freedom of speech and freedom of the press, one security guard was determined to prevent us from filming, telling us to stop filming since it was a “private event”.

Our Rebel News’ team hit Parliament Hill just in time to catch the Transport Minister, Omar Alghabra, on the street. However, though we asked him short and simple questions, all of his answers were non-sequiturs.

“Have a great evening.”

“Does Ontario have a different science than the federal government?” I asked. “Do you have different scientists?”

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  • By Ezra Levant

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