Trudeau and B.C. Premier continue ignoring religious persecution of Christians

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As speculation surrounding a potential fall election continues, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a second appearance in British Columbia last Friday.

Trudeau’s appearance at Surrey City Hall, alongside Premier John Horgan, Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna and other politicians, was planned to announce a $1.3 billion plan to expand the city’s SkyTrain line through to the city of Langley.

The campaign-worthy promise wasn’t just a great opportunity to cook up some political brownie points. It also allowed me to give both the provincial and federal leader another chance to condemn the religious persecution of Christians occurring in Canada right now, resulting in over 20 churches being destroyed or defaced in less than one month.

The first time I asked Trudeau why he’s refused to label the burning and vandalizing of churches as acts of hate, one of his RCMP goons physically tossed me aside so Trudeau could take a selfie instead of answer me. So it should be of no surprise to you that there were attempts to prevent Rebel News from attending the announcement, and that despite being one of the first journalists at the microphone, I was not hand-picked to officially ask this important question.

But I asked anyways.

In this report, you’ll see how Trudeau and Horgan chose to once again ignore the hateful persecution of Christians in Canada. You’ll also hear from some of the many protesters that were there to call both politicians out for how they’ve failed as leaders.

If you’re as bothered as I am about the monopoly on which journalists are granted the right to ask our country’s leaders a question — to the point of reporters being manhandled for doing their job — please sign our petition at

Editor's note: in this video, the man who is recorded telling Rebel News video-journalist Matt Brevner to suck up, be nicer, and be a lot more like CBC to able to ask questions in a press scrum was erroneously described as being with Trudeau's security detail. He is, in fact, a media liaison for the Prime Minister which makes his advice even more reprehensible. 

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