Trudeau calls out Doug Ford: ‘The suspension of people’s rights is something you should only do in the most exceptional circumstances’

Hypocritical? Trudeau’s Liberal government is in the midst of a Public Order Emergency Commission that is seeking to establish whether or not he was justified in essentially invoking martial law to clear the Freedom Convoy for protesting his vaccine mandates.

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The prime minister, while speaking briefly with reporters before entering his Cabinet meeting in Parliament, grilled Premier Doug Ford over his use of the notwithstanding clause for back-to-work legislation over a union dispute preventing a general strike of over 55,000 education support workers.

Justin Trudeau began by saying, “Using the notwithstanding clause to suspend workers' rights is wrong.”

Ironically, the Liberal government is in the middle of a Public Order Emergency Commission over his use of the Emergencies Act to clear the peaceful truckers’ protest that was demonstrating in Ottawa against medical discrimination through vaccine mandates. Many bank accounts of protesters and those who supported them financially were suspended, some for up to three months.

The PM continued, “The suspension of people's rights is something that you should only do in the most exceptional circumstances, and I really hope that all politicians call out the overuse of the notwithstanding clause to suspend people's rights and freedoms."

Just two weeks ago at a Nokia facility announcement in Ottawa, the premier and PM stood side by side complimenting each other’s collaboration in suspending the rights of citizens through the provincial Emergencies Act, followed by the federal.

Doug Ford went as far as to say that he “stood shoulder to shoulder” with Trudeau.

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