Trudeau campaign gets creative to hide small turnout at Calgary event

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a rare appearance in Alberta recently, holding a campaign rally in Calgary. Things operated a little differently at that event in Calgary when compared to his recent appearances elsewhere in the country — like say, in Ontario, where distancing was cast aside as crowds flocked around the prime minister.

But in Alberta, where COVID restrictions have largely been removed. the Trudeau campaign took every extra precaution and had groups stand in social distancing circles.

Joining last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show to discuss the difference in event regulations for the prime minister was Calgary-based Rebel reporter Adam Soos.

Was it all a trick for the cameras to hide the small size of the crowd? A virtue signal to show how serious Trudeau is about COVID-19? Adam described what he saw when he showed up and how all of these rules seemed to be thrown out rather quickly:

First of all, they were hiding the event — they didn't want anyone to know. We almost felt like the paparazzi trying to figure out where this event was. And you'd think as a politician, you'd want people to know where your events are.

We get there, it's a spectacle. Only people with the pre-approved red bands get to go in and they literally had chalk circles drawn on the floor and you were only allowed to go into your little cohort on the chalk circle.

Of course, when Justin Trudeau's shaking hands the circles went away and when he went back to his bus, everyone absolutely rushed in together and piled on. But like we said, there was maybe 70–100 people there, they tried to keep this event secret and there was still probably 20 counter protesters.

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