Trudeau's free media money to be handed out by CBC reporters, Quebec professors and some women

Trudeau's free media money to be handed out by CBC reporters, Quebec professors and some women
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A million Canadians are out-of-work due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Trudeau is busy protecting our country's most urgently needed sector: Compliant Liberal-friendly news groups. An elite group of CBC journalists, journalism professors and Quebecois have been summoned to decide which media organizations will get a much-needed injection of cash.

Like any ad hoc crisis management squad, the crack team comprising the Qualified Canadian Journalism Organization were carefully chosen to lead our country out of an oncoming recession:

Members were selected based on the linguistic, cultural and ethnic diversity of the country.

Cabinet's resident convicted criminal Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault stressed that the self-isolated shoe polish abuser of Rideau Cottage needs all the help he can get:

“I strongly believe the media plays an essential role in informing Canadians, especially in times of crisis. Media organizations play a key role in sharing important information. We must support them...”

Here's a quick run down of the saviors in charge of deciding which applicants will receive free money:

  • Dr. Colette Brin is a former CBC/Radio-Canada employee and teaches at Quebec's Laval University.
  • Ms. Kim Kierans is a former CBC reporter and a former journalism professor at the Nova Scotian University of King’s College. In recent years, armed with a Master's in Atlantic Studies, she developed and taught courses in broadcasting at a university in Manila, Philippines.
  • Mr. Pierre-Paul Noreau graduated from Laval and is the President of the Michener Awards Foundation, whose journalism awards are handed out by the Governor General at Rideau Hall every year. 
  • Ms. Margo Goodhand was the first female editor of a few publications and is the former editor-in-chief of the Edmonton Journal. She is also on the board of the Michener Awards Foundation.
  • Dr. Karim H. Karim is a journalism professor at Ontario's Carleton University who uses his Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from Quebec's McGill University in his role as the Director of the Carleton Centre for the Study of Islam.

So that's:

  • Two former CBC employees
  • Three women
  • Three professors
  • Two Michener Awards representatives

Approximately representing the provinces of:

  • Mostly Quebec
  • Nova Scotia, but make it Atlantic
  • Manitoba, kinda
  • Alberta, kinda
  • Ontario

You can stop washing your hands, folks, I can feel my lungs clearing already. No, that's from screaming.

Rebel News won't be asking for government money. Trudeau already owes us a few bucks. If you want to graciously chip in to keep the largest truly independent media group in Canada afloat during this communist Chinese virus crisis, please visit

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  • By Ezra Levant


It’s more important than ever to hold Trudeau to account during this crisis — and we need your help.


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