Trudeau goes to a mining conference (co-sponsored by Teck) — and attendees love his climate change speech!

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The Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada is holding its annual meeting in Toronto. And you can only imagine the mood, especially given last month’s astonishing cancellation of the $20 billion Teck Resources project slated for Alberta. (How’s this for bitter irony? Teck Resources is the “Diamond Sponsor” of the convention!)

Indeed, it was quite odd that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and some senior Liberal cabinet ministers would drop by to give a speech to those in the natural resources industry. And predictably, Trudeau’s speech devolved into a lecture about – you guessed it – climate change, a speech that was downright condescending at times.

The theme of the speech was “Invest in Canada.” But why? For this is a nation suffering from pipeline paralysis; this is a nation where a few dozen agitators can illegally cripple the rail lines of the nation for weeks on end. What foreign investor would embrace that investment climate?

It was also interesting that those prospectors and developers who took in the Prime Minister’s speech had nothing but glowing reviews for Trudeau. Then again, keep in mind these people represent companies that are awaiting approvals on other big projects. And it wouldn’t be prudent to offend the ruling federal climate Cassandras on camera, would it?

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

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