Trudeau PRAISES India farmer protests, while Canadians are FINED for protesting

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently spoke out in support of farmers protesting in India, further damaging international relations between Canada and the world's largest democracy. India has suggested Trudeau was encouraging “extremist activities,” with the nation now set to skip a Canada-led coronavirus summit following the prime minister's remarks.

Meanwhile, back in Trudeau's “home and native land” protesters and churchgoers have been fined across the country, one of the most recent incidents involving a drive-in ceremony held by a Mennonite church in Steinbach, Manitoba where thousands of dollars in fines were dished out.

On yesterday's edition of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra pointed out just how ridiculous Trudeau's comments make him look, particularly given that it's very unlikely the prime minister is highly informed on the situation in India:

Trudeau isn't just weighing in to the matter of Indian farmers. Say, do you think he actually knows anything about it? You think he's read up on it? Been briefed on it? Canvassed the issue deeply? Learned his history? Of course not, he doesn't even read Canadian matters that deeply. It would be absurd for him to learn that subject inside-out, instead of say, I don't know, learning about the lack of clean drinking water on Canadian Indian reserves? A broken promise five years old now.

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