Trudeau's orders: No funding for Christian summer camps refusing to support abortion

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The final decision to prevent practicing Christians and secular pro-life individuals from participating in the federal government's summer jobs grant came directly from the prime minister.

The shocking revelation comes to us through access to information documents obtained by the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms as part of their legal proceedings against the federal government on behalf of to Christian summer camps that were denied the jobs cash. broke the story Tuesday night.

The Liberal government added an attestation to the 2018 application for summer jobs funding that read:

“Both the job and the organizations’ core mandate must respect individual human rights in Canada, including the values underlying the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as other rights. These include reproductive rights and the right to be free from discrimination on the basis of sex, race, national or ethnic origin, color, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression.”

Millstream Bible Camp refused to sign the attestation as did Mount Traber Bible Camp. Millstream, instead, told the Feds “the Minister does not have the right to compel speech as a condition of receiving a financial benefit from the government.”

According to an internal government email obtained by the Justice Center we know the language these Christian groups are calling “discriminatory” and “compelled speech” was signed off on by the Prime Minister himself.

An email from one government read:

"Please find attached language that has been approved by the Prime Minister and the Minister. No further action required.”

Attached to this email is the attestation directive that all groups who receive federal funding for summer jobs are now required to sign, including the caveat that they support abortion - what the left refers to as reproductive rights.

This ongoing alleged discrimination or forced silencing of pro-life individuals to participate in political life seems to be a feature of the Liberal party and not a bug.

Who could forget when back in 2014 Justin Trudeau kicked pro-lifers out of his party and forced the rest who stayed behind to violate their conscience.

That was obviously intolerant of Christians but the Liberal party is a private entity and, as such, can have whatever rules it wants.

However, Justin Trudeau cannot treat the government of Canada in the same way.

Federal funding is not a carrot to entice people to support Liberal Party values and it is not a stick to bash Christians across the head with.

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  • By David Menzies

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