Trudeau shows up at Toronto Raptors' practice facility: was he looking for another 'rappateur'?

What, exactly, was the point of the prime minister's announcement of a new 'National Day Against Gun Violence' asks David Menzies.

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You’d think that a federal election campaign was under way (if only!) given the number of Justin Trudeau photo ops these days (but for state-funded media only, alas; independent media is strictly verboten, thanks to those journalists asking insensitive questions…)

And so it was that Blackface recently dropped by the Toronto Raptors swank practice facility at Exhibition Place in Toronto. The ostensible policy reason for his visit? Well, it was all about the federal government proclaiming a National Day Against Gun Violence, to be held annually on the first Friday of June.

(Um, doesn’t that kind of step on the toes of the kickoff for pride “season”? Oh-oh…!)

In any event, Blackface was joined by Public Safety Minister Marco Pinocchio — er, we mean, Mendicino — and representatives of the Toronto Raptors basketball club.

The government says the goal of this new whiz-bang national day is to raise awareness and foster a national discussion about the causes and effects of gun violence. There was no confirmation that Blackface celebrated this latest virtue-signalling occasion by buggering off to Tofino to go surfing…So, what tangible things are done on National Day Against Gun Violence?

Well, we noticed several youths hanging around the Raptors practice facility parking lot wearing T-shirts stating “Stop gun violence.”

And… well, that’s it. Well done, Blackface!

We’re sure Hogtown’s gangbangers are now cowering in fear or turning themselves into the police en masse. Anti-Trudeau protesters were on hand, too, but police and security guards booted them (and their signage) from the premises.

Evidently, there was great concern that the anti-Trudeau sentiment on the placards might trigger Blackface. And certainly on the first National Day Against Gun Violence, triggers — not to mention barrels, magazines, stocks — would not be tolerated.

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