Trudeau wants to import Gazan refugees into Canada. Is it a good idea, given 75% support Hamas?

David Menzies tours the 'No Gaza Refugees' billboard truck in downtown Toronto, and hears what residents think about Canada's plan to take in more refugees.

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Just when you thought our immigration policy under the Trudeau Liberals couldn’t get any worse, along comes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Immigration Minister Marc Miller saying they are keen on bringing in hundreds — perhaps even thousands — of Gazan refugees to Canada.

Hey, what could possibly go wrong?

We feel this latest act of Liberal virtue-signalling is downright dangerous to the security and wellbeing of our great dominion.

For starters, where are these people going to find housing? What jobs are they qualified for? And can our health-care system, which is already fraying at the seams, absorb the added demand?

After all, we already have record numbers or people immigrating to Canada. Do we have the capacity for even more?

But when it comes to Gazans, there’s something else at play here, something that is deeply troubling. It’s that elephant in the room that the mainstream media will never report on. Namely, some 75% of Gazans are supporters of Hamas's brutal rape-and-murder massacre against Israeli civilians that occurred last October. Can you believe that?

We already have to put up with pro-Hamas demonstrators in cities all over the world — including in Canadian cities — who take to the streets and openly call for death to Jews and the annihilation of the state of Israel. Do we really want more people like that in our great dominion? People who despise Western values? People who overwhelming supporting savagery over civilization?

And consider this: no Arab country will take in Gazan refugees. Why? Simple: they pose a security risk.

Indeed, given what’s happening on the streets of Canada, wouldn’t the importation of pro-terrorism types by akin to tossing gasoline on a raging fire?

That’s why we recently drove through the streets of downtown Toronto with a Jumbotron-equipped billboard truck. Our message was simple and straightforward: we cannot allow Gazan refugees into Canada. It’s lose-lose; it’s too dangerous. If you agree, kindly sign our petition:

And while you are visiting that website, can we kindly ask for your financial support? It costs about $4,000 to rent that truck and bring drive it around Toronto (and later, Ottawa and Montreal).

We think it’s worth every penny as we are delivering an important message. But we need your help us cover the costs. Again, please to and kindly make a donation. Our thanks in advance.

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