Trudeau’s Chief Public Health Officer slammed “racist” coronavirus fears — but OK'd 2006 study warning of ASIAN pandemic

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The federal government had access to a report from 2006 that warned the next pandemic would emerge from Asia and be worsened by air travel.

The Canadian Pandemic Influenza Plan for the Health Sector predicted the future, using common sense the Liberals and the report authors might call racist these days:

Blacklock's Reporter broke the story:

“The Department of Health in a 2006 pandemic master plan predicted even a mild outbreak would kill from 11,000 to 58,000 Canadians, see ten million others take sick days from work, and last a full year. The prophetic study predicted the pandemic would originate in Asia: “It is unlikely an effective vaccine will be available.”

Researchers forecast 70% of Canadians would become infected. “Only fifteen to thirty-five percent of the population will become clinically ill”, the majority limited to outpatient care.

I found the Canadian Pandemic Influenza Plan and read it. It contained some very prophetic findings:

“The next pandemic will first emerge outside of Canada”;

“The majority of new influenza strains emerge in Asia where the close proximity of humans, poultry and domestic pigs in farming communities facilitates mingling and genetic exchange between human and avian influenza viruses. The next pandemic virus will be present in Canada within 3 months after it emerges in another part of the world, but it could be much sooner because of the volume and speed of global air travel.”

“The first peak of illness in Canada could occur within 2 to 4 months after the virus arrives”;

“The first peak in mortality is expected to be approximately one month after the peak in illness”;

“A pandemic wave will sweep across Canada in 1-2 months affecting multiple locations simultaneously.”

“The novel virus will be transmitted efficiently from person to person resulting in large numbers of people being infected, since there will be no significant immunity to the new virus on a population basis.”

However, the authors of the frightening plan reiterated that “These estimates may over-estimate the potential impact in Canada. They are provided here for planning purposes only to raise awareness regarding potential health impacts.”

The current chief public health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, signed off in the study in her former role as the director of immunization programs with the Public Health Agency of Canada. Tam recently implied — using her official government account — that it’s racist “stereotyping” to warn that the #coronavirus pandemic is from Asia. However, the study Tam approved of 14 years ago determined the next pandemic would come from that continent.

The Canadian government had access to a report that explicitly detailed how the next global pandemic would be exacerbated by air travel, and yet, the federal government resisted closing the borders until it was too late.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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