Trudeau’s hired security allegedly sexually assaulted woman, more assaults in COVID hotel

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Startling reports of multiple sexual assault allegations within Justin Trudeau’s travel quarantine system surfaced on Wednesday. Two women reported sexual assaults, both in the prime minister's COVID jail system and in mandatory home isolation. One assault was allegedly at the hands of a hired security officer doing isolation-at-home checkups, and another was within a COVID hotel.

According to reports, one assault was in Ontario, and allegedly took place at the hands of an employee of one of Trudeau’s hired security firms. Trudeau has been paying four private security firms to manage the security and safety of Canadians stuck in the quarantine system. Police have alleged that the quarantine officer told a woman that she was in violation of the quarantine order, and demanded she pay a cash fine. The police said that when the woman refused to pay, the accused sexually assaulted her. 

Another woman was allegedly assaulted within one of Trudeau’s hotel jails, after the locking mechanism was stripped from her door. A male who was also in isolation at the woman’s hotel has been charged with breaking and entering, sexual assault, and other assorted charges following the incident.

According to La Presse, the woman called for Trudeau’s security firm to assist her following the assault, however security took 15 minutes to arrive. When they did, they told her that she would be allowed to go to the hospital, but only if she returned to the isolation hotel immediately following. The woman reportedly refused, saying that she could not stomach returning to the scene of the assault.

Former Harper cabinet minister, MP Michelle Rempel Garner, issued a statement following the shocking news. “The very least that Canadians can expect is to be safe, particularly in the presence of federal representatives and while in federal facilities,” she said. “These violations are unconscionable.”

“The Liberal government must take action now. We call for the Liberals to suspend the hotel quarantine requirement until they have put measures in place to ensure the safety of Canadians and institute a system for verifying at-home quarantine that doesn’t involve security agents who have not been properly vetted.”

Aside from the unsettling reports of sexual assault in Trudeau’s makeshift quarantine facilities, the newly imposed plan to forcibly isolate all incoming international air travellers in hotels has caused widespread confusion and worry among Canadians abroad.

At the time of publishing, Trudeau had not commented on the situation.

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