Trudeau's rockstar status fading in 2021 compared to past elections

Andrew Lawton says the cult of personality surrounding Justin Trudeau has begun to fade when compared to previous election campaigns.

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Prior to the election, polls showed Prime Minister Justin Truedau's Liberal Party had a large lead among voters. Now, weeks into the campaign, Trudeau's Liberals have begun slipping in the polls, with some even showing they trail Erin O'Toole's Conservative Party.

Having spent time on the campaign trail, True North's Andrew Lawton joined yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show to give his assessment of what he's seen in his travels.

Comparing this year's election to previous campaigns, Andrew said:

I remember trying to cover the 2019 election, and as you may remember it was a bit difficult because I had been banned by the Liberals from doing it in any official capacity. But still, I'd go on the road and try to cover it and Justin Trudeau had a very electrifying quality about him.

A lot of people on the right may not agree with this or want to agree with it; there was no denying it on the ground. He had that celebrity complex, where — especially with young people in Hamilton, Burnaby, Montreal — they would really just flock and fawn and get their selfies, and get their picture beside the Trudeau bus and the prime minister, the Liberal leader himself. 

And this time, that just isn't there.

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