Trust in media, Big Tech are hitting all-time lows | Allum Bokhari with Ezra Levant

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When the Big Tech companies decided to banish then-president Donald Trump from their platforms, trust in these companies took a major hit. In the time since then, trust has continued to decline in these platforms, with more and more people growing skeptical of the massive amounts of social and political power these giant corporations wield.

On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by Breitbart senior tech editor Allum Bokhari to talk about the public's continued decline in trust of Big Tech, as well as the media.

When asked who exactly is still supporting Big Tech, Allum told Ezra that:

I guess if Amazon delivers your packages you might trust Amazon, if you don't look too deeply into what they do in terms of censoring books and so on. But it's interesting that it continues to fall and it's actually falling in the United States faster than the rest of the world. So, trust in the Big Tech platforms at an all-time low around the world, but the United States public it's even lower than that. And I think that speaks to the fact that these companies have been particularly aggressive in censoring people in the U.S. and censoring politicians, most notably Donald Trump and just general political interference over in North America.

And I think that's a symptom of the fact that there are no hate speech laws in the United States, therefore the left over the past four years has used Silicon Valley as a means to get around that by having Silicon Valley write the unofficial hate speech laws and regulate what people can and can't say in the public square.

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