"Trusting the experts" leaves 16 year old with pericarditis and few answers from the healthcare system

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In this interview, I’m bringing you a frustrated mother-son duo that have been left with few answers and follow up from the very system they placed their trust in to ensure their health.

Josh, a 16 year old, has suffered painful, and at times debilitating, pericarditis after his second Pfizer COVID-19 injection.

Josh’s mom, Sarah, took him for his vaccination so that he would be able to dine inside at restaurants with them during their upcoming family holiday. She gets emotional discussing the guilt and shame she feels for this decision, and wishes she made a more informed choice — instead of simply listening to the mainstream media and “trusting the experts.”

As a pilot in training, Josh now needs to be cleared by a cardiologist to operate an aircraft.

But Sarah cannot get him seen by one; her family doctor follow up has been lackluster at best, and thus far she has been unable to obtain the medical records from Josh’s emergency department visit at the beginning of September — the place he ended up less than 48 hours after his second injection.

Sarah urges more parents to do their due diligence before making this choice for their children, who are, statistically speaking, at little risk of complications from a COVID-19 infection.

Josh stresses the importance of making an informed choice. But knowing that his reaction has not been documented by Public Health Ontario, it makes one wonder: how many other vaccine adverse reactions are being swept under the rug?

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  • By David Menzies

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