Tucker Carlson points out the reason behind Australia's housing crisis nobody wants to talk about

The former Fox News host expresses shock at Sydney's house sales and highlights the key issue driving sky-high prices.

Tucker Carlson points out the reason behind Australia's housing crisis nobody wants to talk about
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Tucker Carlson has shared his views on Australia's housing crisis, attributing it largely to immigration and questioning the viability of living on an average income.

Speaking in Melbourne as part of his tour with Clive Palmer, Carlson voiced his astonishment at the soaring property prices in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

“How does anybody live here?” Carlson queried, noting that even with a decent income, he found the prices exorbitant.

He highlighted the growing homelessness and the departure of many Australians from major cities, describing the situation as a crisis driven by supply and demand.

“When demand exceeds supply, prices rise,” Carlson explained. He emphasised the fundamental nature of this principle in real estate, linking it directly to population growth.

Carlson underscored the importance of affordable housing for young people, warning that the inability to secure homes could lead to a demographic decline.

“If it becomes too expensive for your children to buy a house in their own country, your line ends,” he stated, pointing to immigration as the sole reason behind this crisis.

Recent Australian Bureau of Statistics data revealed a record influx of 547,300 migrants in 2023, necessitating the construction of 218,920 new homes. However, only 163,836 dwellings were built, the lowest in 11 years. The Housing Industry Association warned of a significant shortfall, citing high costs and labour shortages.

NAB CEO Andrew Irvine labelled the housing crisis as Australia's foremost issue, while Housing Minister Julie Collins and opposition spokesman Michael Sukkar exchanged blame over the lack of effective action.

The federal government has pledged to reduce net overseas migration, aiming to address the housing supply deficit.

The persistent rise in median home values and rents, despite economic pressures, underscores the severity of the housing shortage and its impact on Australians' quality of life.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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