Two tickets for attending freedom rally — one for you, one for the horse

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Today we are sharing the story of a victory. This one has a horse and a cowboy: the stuff of all great Westerns.

Ken Finlayson was invited by a friend to attend a freedom walk in opposition to mandatory COVID restrictions in Alberta.

Being a cowboy, Ken does not care much for walking, so he did what any self-respecting cowboy would and brought himself a horse. Ken received a $1,200 fine for attending the walk, and his horse Jumping Jack also received a $100 fine. Let the history books show that Jumping Jack may very well be the first horse in the world to have received a COVID-related ticket.

There is something so fundamentally Albertan about a cowboy hopping on a horse and riding into town to stand up for what is right, so when Ken shared his story with us at, we let him know that we had his back and hired a lawyer for him right away.

If you want to help folks like Ken, his horse Jumping Jack, or anyone else who has received a fine or ticket due to COVID restrictions, head to and donate today. Any donation that you make will go directly to the legal battles of people just like Ken… and horses just like Jack.

This important Rebel News civil liberties initiative is supported by The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity, so you will also receive a tax receipt for your contribution to the fight for freedom.

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