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U-Haul attacker Sharif wasn't screened by CBSA: Not their job to vet adult refugee claimants

I've been working my way through nearly 250 exclusive Access to Information documents from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada about five time convicted attempted murderer Abdulahi Hasan Sharif.

In September 2017, Sharif went on a rampage in Edmonton outside of an Eskimos game, striking a police officer with his car before stabbing him multiple times. Sharif then commandeered a rental truck and run down four pedestrians. The flag of the terrorist group ISIS was found in the truck by police. Sharif was convicted of five counts of attempted murder -- but inexplicably, he was never charged with terrorism-related offenses in the first place.

Sharif is a Somali national who managed to enter Canada and receive refugee status, even though he was ordered deported from the United States to Somalia in 2011. Sharif was also investigated in 2015 by the RCMP for expressing extremist views.

In the wake of Sharif’s 2017 arrest, we asked Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for any communications they had about him.

Today we're going to show you what information immigration officials were trying to withhold from the public, what they wanted to release and what they were forced to tell you about.

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