U of T administrators: never have taxpayers spent so much for so little

The woke-joke scholars who are failing to remove the anti-Israel encampment from the University of Toronto are taking in huge salaries along with platinum benefits and pension packages, of course. All courtesy of taxpayers.

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Shamefully, the tent city at the University of Toronto remains occupied by various members of the Hitler Youth: The Next Generation. And with convocation ceremonies looming just a few weeks away, many are pondering if this encampment will lead to the cancellation of such events. Indeed, many ponder if this camp will remain at King’s College Circle for the rest of the summer.

Where is Jason Voorhees when you really need him?

Part of the problem with this encampment remaining is due to a couple of woke, weak wimps who are entrusted with negotiating with the pro-Hamas types. That would be Sandy Welsh, vice-provost, students, and Kelly Hannah-Moffat, vice president, people, strategy, equity and culture (we have no idea what that title means either.)

And it looks like we shall remain forever ignorant, too. When we happened upon Ms. Hannah-Moffat last week and asked her to explain what her title meant, she was literally speechless. In fact, she wouldn’t answer any of our questions. Nor did her colleague, Ms. Welsh, who actually pretended to be on her phone as she scurried away.

How odd. Isn’t a university a place of higher learning? Isn’t a post-secondary campus a place that should foster debate and discussion? Not when it comes to these two NPCs.

And these weaklings are supposed to be negotiating some sort of exit strategy for Little Gaza? Good luck with that, because these this dynamic duo seems to subscribe to a “pretty please with sugar on top” strategy as opposed to playing hardball (i.e., threatening to expel U of T students who are taking part in this fiasco; picking up the phone and calling the Toronto Police Service to remove the illegal occupiers).

To add insult to injury: the salary these two scholars are raking in. According to the Ontario Sunshine List, Ms. Walsh earns $284,022; Ms. Hannah-Moffat, meanwhile, takes in $375,783. Both enjoy platinum benefits and pension packages of course.

Your tax dollars hard at work yet again, folks, as the Hobos for Hamas hunker down for a long, hot, hateful, stinky summer.

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