U of T's 'Little Gaza' continues to fester as pro-Hamas mob becomes more bold

David Menzies provides an update from 'Little Gaza', the encampment anti-Israel protesters have set up on the lawn at the University of Toronto.

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The grassy area of the University of Toronto remains occupied by what seems to be a new-age Hitler Youth Movement. Indeed, this patch of greenery is now known as “Little Gaza” — in fact, a sign proclaims this occupied territory as such. From what we could tell, Little Gaza looks a lot like Gaza Classic given that it is increasingly resembling a hell hole.

Yet, despite the sight of the CN Tower in the distance, one is forgiven for seeking out an atlas and a calendar just to doublecheck that this locale is Toronto in 2024 — or Berlin circa 1934…

This disgrace began last week when the pro-Hamas demonstrators broke a section of the fence designed to prevent them from setting up an encampment upon the University of Toronto’s grounds.

And when that piece of fencing went down, the tents and signage went up amidst a toxic backdrop of virulent antisemitism (it is not uncommon to hear chants of “from the river to the sea” or “intifada.”)

For the Jews on campus, this is nothing but intimidation and bullying. Indeed, when we there, a pair of older Jewish professors attempted to gain access to the grounds. They were physically prevented from doing so as a pair of special constables merely looked on and shrugged their shoulders. Clearly, the mob is in charge.

And while the U of T administration set a deadline last week of 10 p.m. Thursday for the encampment to clear out, that deadline came and went nothing happened. Correction: the encampment actually continues to grow with every passing day.

One is left to ponder: when does the Emergencies Act kick in? And when do these campers have their bank accounts frozen? And when does the Toronto Police Service charge in with their Mounted Unit like they did a few years back when Adam Skelly had the temerity to open his barbecue restaurant? These days, the political double standards and two-tier policing cannot be more apparent.

Rebel News did reach out to the media relations department of the U of T. Our questions:

  • I understand there was a deadline set for the encampment to vacate the property as of last Thursday at 10 p.m. That deadline came and went but no action was taken. Why?
  • Is there a new deadline for the encampment to be taken down?
  • There are many concerns about anti-Semitic rhetoric being espoused by demonstrators and even acts of violence. Is the University of Toronto not concerned by this?
  • Does the University of Toronto plan to reach out to the Toronto Police Service regarding this occupation?
  • The demonstrators have issued several demands. Does the University of Toronto plan to agree to any of these demands?

And U of T at least answered some of our questions in a written statement from Sandy Welsh, Vice-Provost, Students and Kelly Hannah-Moffat Vice-President, People Strategy, Equity and Culture:

We remain concerned about large numbers of the broader public coming to campus for rallies and marches. There have been several incidents of particular concern, including reported assaults and hate speech. It is not clear how many of these involve individuals inside the encampment or members of the public. We have forwarded four reports to Project Resolute, a Toronto Police Service initiative to fight antisemitism and Islamophobia, for further investigation.

Um, Islamophobia? Really? What Islamophobia? Where’s the Islamophobia? Incredible.

Ms. Welsh continues: “We are aware that the Toronto Police Service is monitoring the protest.”

Well, maybe plainclothes officers are nearby. We only saw a few unarmed special constables and security guards.

Of note, the U of T’s president, Meric Gertler, issued a statement noting that, thankfully, the university will not acquiesce to the demands of Occupy for Palestine.

Occupy for Palestine (O4P) has called on the University to ‘terminate all partnerships with Israeli academic institutions that operate in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, or sustain the apartheid policies, occupation and illegal settlement of these territories.’ This demand is at odds with the University’s longstanding opposition to academic boycotts, dating back at least to the 1980s.Such demands are antithetical to the University’s firm conviction that the best way to protect human rights is by staunchly defending and promoting academic freedom, freedom of expression, and the unfettered circulation of ideas within the global scholarly community.

The question remains: with graduation ceremonies looming in just a few short weeks, how long will this vile and illegal encampment be tolerated?

For what it’s worth, we also reached out to the media relations department of the Toronto Police Service regarding the “rules of engagement” when it comes to covering pro-Hamas demonstrations, give my previous arrests while covering pro-Hamas demonstrations.

At time of publication, it’s still radio silence from the TPS.

Ultimately, it is up to the administration at the University of Toronto to grow a spine and eradicate this disgraceful eyesore. They could expel those students taking part. They could call on the Toronto Police to enforce the Trespass Act. But they refuse to do so. Why?

And as they dither, despicable antisemitism (along with imaginary Islamophobia) continues to fester on campus. Shameful.

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