Uber-woke ‘Museum London’ embraces cancel culture, removes display featuring powerlifter April Hutchinson

When 'Anne Andres' made a mockery of the Canadian female powerlifting division, April did not remain silent regarding this outrage. Alas, for defending the rights of women, April was branded a 'transphobe' by the woke fools running the Canadian Powerlifting Union.

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You are likely aware of the April Hutchinson controversy. April is a female powerlifter who has been outspoken about a biological male, “Anne Andres”, being allowed to compete with real female powerlifters. For having the temerity to speak out against such transanity, her sporting association recently suspended April for two years! (She is appealing the suspension.)

But the attack on April continues, this time from a most unlikely opponent: Museum London based in London, Ont.

April was originally featured in Museum London’s “Resilient London” exhibition. It’s all about people in the London area who have overcome adversity in their lives. In that regard, April is an ideal case study. April used to be an alcoholic and at one point was suicidal. But when she got involved in powerlifting, she turned her life around. She is now clean and sober and became an elite powerlifting competitor.

But when “Anne Andres” made a mockery of the Canadian female powerlifting division, April did not remain silent regarding this outrage. Alas, for defending the rights of women, April was branded a “transphobe” by the woke fools running the Canadian Powerlifting Union.

Back to Museum London. Because of the controversy involving April and “Anne Andres”, Museum London executive director Julie Bevan and chair Sarah Padfield deemed April was being discriminatory to so-called transwomen. Thus, April would no longer be celebrated in the Resilient London exhibit. She was cancelled by the museum’s morality police.

Check out this surreal letter that was sent to April a few weeks ago that was co-authored by Bevan and Padfield:

“It has come to our attention through national and international media that you have recently made discriminatory comments regarding transgender women that deny their existence. Misgendering someone intentionally is a form of discrimination.

Museum London has a responsibility to uphold our organizational values and policies and ensure dignity for our team, our contributors, and our audiences. As we have discussed with you previously, we are strongly committed to demonstrating respect and care for the transgender and broader 2SLGBTQI community in all aspects of our work and how it is conducted. We are actively practicing allyship and working to foster an environment at Museum London that prioritizes diversity, equity access and creates a sense of belonging for all people.

Unfortunately, your comments and the public discussion around them are harmful to the 2SLGBTQi community and are not consistent with the values of our organization nor are they consistent with the objectives of the exhibition. As such, our team has made the very difficult decision to end your participation in the Resilient London project effective immediately.”

We wonder if any other participants in the exhibit underwent background checks for “wrong thought”? If not, why not?

We reached out to Ms. Bevan via phone and email. Our requests for an interview went ignored. That’s too bad, since I had six questions for her. Namely:

  1. Currently, female sporting events are under attack by biological males competing against biological females. With the exception of certain sports such as auto racing and equestrian, male and female sports have always been separated. Do you think it is OK for biological males to compete against females given the inherent biological advantages of male athletes (which is the message April is hoping to communicate)?
  2. You state that Museum London "prioritizes diversity, equity, access and creates a sense of belonging for all people." But aren’t you embracing misogyny in the case of April Hutchinson? Are you not effectively cancelling her for standing up for the rights of biological females?
  3. When it comes to biological males competing against females, why do you automatically accept their word that they are "transwomen"? Could it be possible they are simply mediocre male athletes gaming the system in order to be victorious in the female division?
  4. You also state that Museum London creates a sense of belonging for all people. How can that be the case given you have cancelled April Hutchinson from the exhibit?
  5. Who pressured you to cancel April?
  6. How much public funding does Museum London receive?

To date, no response.

So we recently travelled to London to do a report. That did not go well. Museum security frog-marched us out the door. A staffer even called the police.

And how’s this for irony? Museum London’s website notes that Julie Bevan is a “passionate leader and a believer in museums as places of belonging, imagination, and transformation.”

However, don’t have the utter temerity to voice a contrarian opinion if it offends the woke mob. Because you shall be cancelled.

Check out our interview with April outside the museum. The woke-joke executives at Museum London may have cancelled April. But this brave 100% female powerlifter is not going away quietly. In the meantime, we must ask yet again: where oh where are the feminists on this file?

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