U.K. celebrates “freedom day” while Boris Johnson says vax passports are on the way

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The United Kingdom recently celebrated a return to normal for the country with “freedom day” — the day when all restrictions in the country would be lifted. That same day, however, Prime Minister Boris Johnson poured cold water all over the idea of freedom, announcing his government intended to introduce a vaccine passport, despite numerous previous claims that this policy would not be instituted.

Johnson is now facing opposition not just from his political rivals, but from within his own party, too.

Joining The Ezra Levant Show on last night's episode was U.K. political commentator, broadcaster and columnist Calvin Robinson.

Speaking about how the Labour Party has provided minimal resistance to Johnson's policies, Calvin told Ezra about the importance of the need for a more robust opposition to government overreach:

That's the problem with our two-party system. You either vote for the Labour Party or the Conservative Party — you can vote for the fringe parties, but they're never going to be in power. They're for more of a protest or a challenge, and that's the issue. We need to break down the two-party system, somehow, if it's not working. 
It's like the issue with China.
When this pandemic first launched, people were saying is this a lab experiment or was it a lab accident? And those questions were not allowed for so long. And now it's come to pass that it probably was a lab leak from Wuhan. Donald Trump was one of the first to raise this when he said this is the China virus, and people said that's racist...
So, we need our politicians to be more open about this and if the mainstream ones won't do it, the fringe will have to, and they'll have to get a platform.

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