U.K. woman threatened with fixed penalty notice for praying near an abortion clinic

Isabel Vaughan-Spruce encountered police officers who threatened her with a fixed penalty notice for silently praying in her mind in front of an abortion clinic on October 18 in Birmingham, England.

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Isabel Vaughan-Spruce faced a penalty notice while quietly offering support to women outside abortion clinics in England. This unassuming act of solidarity, coupled with a silent prayer, put her at odds with the “Public Spaces Protection Order” (PSPO) that was implemented in May 2023.

Isabel has dedicated a long time to her mission of providing assistance and alternatives to women in the midst of making life-altering decisions.

She shared her story:

I've been going outside abortion centres for about 20 years, offering help and alternatives to women considering abortions. I know dozens of women who have accepted our help. Last year, a PSPO was brought in around the abortion center in Birmingham, and I was arrested for silently praying inside the buffer zone.

Isabel's unwavering commitment to supporting women in difficult situations is underpinned by her belief in the right to choose life.

She asserted, “I believe that women should be able to choose life if that's what they want.”

Isabel expressed that being pro-life seems to be discriminated against regarding your beliefs.

She added:

It does seem like it's particular discrimination against those who've got religious beliefs since the PSPO. This buffer zone itself mentions prayer as being one of these anti-social activities as a form of protest. Firstly, I don't believe prayer is a form of protest, but to label it as anti-social seems to be discriminatory against those of us with religious beliefs.

Isabel Vaughan-Spruce is not discouraged, and she will continue to help vulnerable women in need of support regarding abortion.

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