UK woman warned by police for anti-lockdown leaflets — so Rebel News stepped in!

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When Kelly Hayhoe went leafletting in her local area the last thing she expected was a visit from the police.

However, due to the contents of her leaflets the police paid her a visit and issued a warning stating that her anti-lockdown literature was causing distress to residents.

Had she been posting advertising material, party political leaflets, or annoying circulars this would not have been an issue: the issue was what the leaflets said.

It is becoming clearer and clearer in the UK that the 'wrong' opinions are illegal.

The police warning stated that Kelly could not publish any anti lockdown material. This is nothing short of an assault on free speech.

The warning also stated that she could not arrange any anti lockdown protests or encourage others to do so. Again, this is an assault on fundamental rights — the right to assembly and protest.

Thankfully, with the help of Rebel News, this warning was rescinded. This is great news, and we could not have done it without your help.

At present we are fighting on a number of fronts against this lockdown lunacy. We are fighting fines, notices, penalties, and all manner of legal cases.

These cases are difficult enough in normal times, but they are especially hard to handle at Christmas — spare a thought for those who will find their festivities blighted by injudicious fines.

Thanks to our wonderful legal team, Kelly's family will rest easy this Christmas Day.

If you want to help us win other cases for people like Kelly, you can donate at

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