Ukraine! Ukraine! Ukraine! PM Trudeau and Premier Ford attended a rally in Toronto last Friday – and all they wanted to talk about was… Ukraine

Luckily for Rebel News, this event took place on public property so we could not be 'trespassed.'

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On Friday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier Doug Ford were at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto to address thousands of people who were commemorating the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Alas, while the two leaders had plenty to say to the pro-Ukraine crowd in attendance, they had nothing to say about anything else.

Luckily for Rebel News, this event took place on public property so we could not be “trespassed.” As well, there were far too many witnesses on hand in case Prime Minister Blackface McGroper’s Royal Canadian Mounted Henchmen decided to manhandle us.

First to arrive was Ontario Premier Doug Ford. Astute viewers may recall that prior to becoming premier, Doug was a huge Rebel News fan. He spoke at Rebel News events. He pitched a Rebel News show. He would welcome Rebel News to Ford Fest events.

Now, Rebel News is media non grata and we are threatened with trespass when we go to Ford events. Why? Great question. No official reason has ever been provided. So, we finally got the opportunity ask the big enchilada himself on Friday regarding the policy switcheroo. Alas, no answer was provided… we’ll just assume his mouth was full of cherry cheesecake at the time…

As for Blackface, given the stunning revelation that the Chinese government interfered with Canada’s last two federal elections, we asked the puffy-faced PM when did he first learn of Chinese interference? And secondly, was Trudeau himself complicit in the interference? (Why wouldn’t he be? After all, China was on his side. Beijing wanted a minority Liberal government elected and wanted to remove Conservative MPs that were deemed to be too critical of China. And we all know how Trudeau has admiration for the basic dictatorship of China in terms of “getting things done” – like rigging elections, perhaps?)

Alas, all we got from the Little Potato as he sprinted to the podium was that trademark wave and goofy smile.

Then again, the PM has promised to get to the bottom of this scandal. Which is to say he is going full speed ahead to find out who the CSIS whistleblower is regarding Chinagate (can we use the suffix “gate” yet?) but alas, Trudeau wants to shoot the messenger rather than dealing with the odious message itself.

Sunny ways, my friends, sunny ways…

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