Unhinged trans activists mob peaceful protester against child mutilation at 'Trans Day of Visibility' event in Vancouver

On Friday, a group of trans activists mobbed peaceful protester against child mutilation 'Billboard Chris' while a Vancouver Police officer stood by grinning.

Unhinged trans activists mob peaceful protester against child mutilation at 'Trans Day of Visibility' event in Vancouver
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A prominent child protection activist who raises awareness about the harms associated with medically transitioning children with gender dysphoria says he was assaulted two separate times by various trans activists on Friday.

Video of the incidents captured by citizen journalist Dan Dicks, show Chris Elston, also known as Billboard Chris, being swarmed by several trans rights protesters minutes after his arrival to a “Trans Day of Visibility” demonstration at Vancouver’s Grandview Park.

After backing away from the crowd and noticing he was bleeding, Elston can be seen requesting for the police to be called to “get some law an order in here” while wearing his infamous sandwich boards with statements aligning with his activism such as “children cannot consent to puberty blockers.”

Unlike the police in Surrey who recently did an outstanding job at keeping the peace against irate trans rights activists at a protest against the sexual indoctrination of kids in B.C. schools, the Vancouver Police (VPD) failed to deescalate the threat of further violence against Elston.

After the VPD was on the scene and while being interviewed by Dicks, Elston was mobbed again this time resulting in him being pummeled and tossed to the ground.

“My neck is scraped, my nose is cut, I have a bit of a bruise and tenderness on my right cheek bone from a punch during that second assault and my back is spasming” Elston told Rebel News in a statement after he returned home.

Arguably equally as concerning as the violence being committed by trans activists, a more frequent occurrence across Canada in recent months, was the response Elston received from a VPD officer after reporting the incidents.

“I think it’s best not to incite violence right now” the female officer with the badge number 3081 responded to Elston after he asked for assistance in finding one of the people he believes assaulted him.

The same officer can be seen in more footage passing the blame of the altercation onto Elston. When questioned by Dicks, the officer admits to saying that Elston had come “to incite violence by forcing his opinion on people.” Contrary to various videos of the incidents circulating on social media she also proceeds to accuse Elston of screaming at someone.

“She’s lying, outright lying says Elston.” According to Elston, the officer was the first to arrive on the scene after he spoke to the police on the phone to request their assistance. “She didn’t even want to get out of her car, and she was smirking since the second she got there” he added.

Both during her conversations with Elston and Dicks, the officer appears to be grinning. Even more concerning is the look of elation the officer had on her face during the second mobbing of Elston where he sustained the majority of his injuries.

Elston isn’t the only person to claim to have been assaulted by trans activists during this Transgender Day of Visibility event. Pierre Barns, a child protection activist who raises awareness about the sexually explicit books in Canadian schools took to Facebook to update people about his experience at the rally.

I had a small headache today, after getting sucker punched by an Antifa thug; then realized I was just hungry, lasagna can heal everything, even a bite-bug” wrote Barns.

Another man was seen in video footage online being tossed to ground after an altercation with the trans activists before VPD officers separate him from the crowd.

“There’s no accountability for any of this violence. They’re doing it right in front of police officers so they’re being emboldened” says Elston.

Yesterday was far from the first time Elston was attacked for his activism. In 2021, while peacefully protesting in Montreal, Elston’s face was bloodied, and his arm was broken by a group of Antifa looking thugs who beat him while accusing him of transphobia. 

When asked why Elston continues to publicly advocate against the the sex change mutilation and medical sterilization of youth who identify as transgender if so many supporters of such are violent towards him he replied:

“Someone has to do this, this is the biggest child abuse scandal in our lives, in hundreds of years.  It’s just child abuse and we have to raise awareness about it and we can’t just do that online in our echo-chambers.”

For more reports covering sexual agendas and ideologies targeting children and to support the many costs involved in bringing you important reports like this, head to KeepKidsSpacesSafe.com and donate what you can.

Rebel News reached out to the Vancouver Police Department for a statement about the incidents, the above mentioned officers conduct,  and whether or not they will be investigating the incidents as a crime and has not yet received a response at this time.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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