United Kingdom’s race report finds no evidence system is “deliberately rigged" against ethnic minorities

United Kingdom’s race report finds no evidence system is “deliberately rigged
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The United Kingdom’s highly anticipated race report has been released, finding that the nation is “not deliberately rigged against ethnic minorities.” The report, which has angered social justice activists, found no evidence of systemic racism in the U.K.

On Wednesday, the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities released the report, which found that family structure and social class are much larger sources of socioeconomic disparity between individuals than race. 

According to the BBC, the report found that children from ethnic minority groups perform just as well academically or even better than white students.

The commission was launched following widespread Black Lives Matter protests throughout the United Kingdom, alongside the outbreak of “racial justice” protests in the United States over the death of George Floyd last summer. 

Per the BBC, the report’s main findings were:

  • Children from ethnic-minority communities did as well or better than white pupils in compulsory education, with black Caribbean pupils the only group to perform less well
  • This success in education has "transformed British society over the last 50 years into one offering far greater opportunities for all"
  • The pay gap between all ethnic minorities and the white majority population had shrunk to 2.3% overall and was barely significant for employees under 30
  • Diversity has increased in professions such as law and medicine
  • But some communities continue to be "haunted" by historic racism, which is creating "deep mistrust" and could be a barrier to success

The commission concluded that the U.K. is not yet “post-racial” but described it as a “model for other white-majority countries” due to its success in eliminating racial disparities in education and the workplace.

"We no longer see a Britain where the system is deliberately rigged against ethnic minorities,” said commission chairman Tony Sewell, who noted that while disparities do exist, they were “varied and ironically very few of them are directly to do with racism.” 

The commission found that numerous factors, such as geography, family influence, socio-economic background, culture and religion played much larger roles than race or ethnicity. The report states that these factors “had more significant impact on life chances than the existence of racism.” 

The report also knocked back against critical race theory, promoted through the so-called “anti-racist” movement, describing it as an “increasingly strident form of anti-racism thinking that seeks to explain all minority disadvantage through the prism of White discrimination,” adding that such efforts diverted attention from “the other reasons for minority success and failure.” 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson approved of the report’s findings, and called for government ministers to take its recommendations seriously and assess “the implications for future government policy.”

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  • By Ezra Levant

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