Unity is NOT the Democratic agenda! Joe Collins III on Joe Biden and Maxine Waters

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On the latest episode of Andrew Says, Andrew Chapados was joined by U.S. Navy veteran Joe Collins III (@JoeECollinsIII on Twitter).

Joe recently ran for Congress in California's 43rd congressional district, against none other than Maxine Waters.

Here's a bit of what Joe had to say about Democrat Party failures:

“They talk trash to get into office. They talk trash about Trump supporters — mind you, it's about 75 million people who support Trump. And you know, now Joe Biden's talking about — he wants peace...

“I don't believe anything [Biden] says. He's lied so many times. He said he's not going to rule by executive order. First day in office? Seventeen 17 executive orders.

“He didn't do anything for the black community, he just gave a pass to 11 million immigrants and told everybody across the United States: you got 100 days to come to United States and we're going to give you citizenship!

“He's allowed little boys to participate in little girls' sports... and so we see what the agenda is for the Biden administration — and it's not unity.”

This is just a clip from the full Andrew Says show.

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