University of British Columbia board chair resigns after “liking” tweets critical of Black Lives Matter

University of British Columbia board chair resigns after “liking” tweets critical of Black Lives Matter
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A high-ranking administrator with the University of British Columbia has resigned from his position as the Board of Governors chair after coming under fire for liking tweets critical to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Michael Korenberg, a prominent lawyer and businessman, was elected to the UBC Board of Governors in 2018 – but after an investigation by UBC Students Against Bigotry found he had ‘liked’ tweets supporting Donald Trump and tweets that were critical of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, he publicly released an apology and letter of resignation. 

UBC Students Against Bigotry released a number of screenshots of the allegedly offensive tweets, of which the majority were posts by Donald Trump, Mike Pence and the White House, as well as some from conservative commentators like Team Trump and Dinesh D’Souza.

None contained vulgar or explicitly racial language, and most seemed to simply express support for Donald Trump and his administration.  

CBC’s latest coverage of the fallout stated that Korenberg had liked “racist, far-right” tweets without elaborating on which could be classified as such. Across mainstream media, the most prominent tweet reported upon that Korenberg ‘liked’ was a single one from right-wing pundit Dinesh D’Souza likening some of the more violent demonstrators to a “paramilitary wing” of the Democratic party.

Speaking to The Tyee, UBC professor of education Annette Henry stated the ideas Korenberg “liked” on social media reflect what Black educator bell hooks calls the “white supremacist capitalist [hetero]patriarchy” world view.

In a statement, the vice-chair of UBC's board, Sandra Cawley said of Korenberg’s resignation: “His decision comes after information that was publicized last week about his social media interactions that appeared to support regressive voices online and undermine legitimate protest.”

Cawley went on to write that the Board of Governors recognized “that this has been deeply hurtful to members of our community” and that UBC has “zero tolerance for racism.”

While UBC sought and accepted Korenberg’s resignation under the policy of avoiding harm to the community, highly problematic figures at the institution remain and continue unchallenged in their employment.

In February 2020, I reported that some psychology researchers including Dr. Jan Cioe at UBC were actively partnering with B4U-Act – an organization founded by a convicted pedophile and staffed by many child sex offenders with the stated goal of normalizing pedophilia as a legitimate sexual orientation.

Cioe and his staff remain employed and unquestioned by the mob. 

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