UPDATE: Trucker Commission docs reveal more facts about fake arson

The allegations were that these 'freedom-loving maniacs' tried to burn down an entire apartment block while people slept.

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This week has been the first full week of testimony in front of the Public Order Emergency Commission. It's an official inquiry built into the Emergencies Act itself which says there must be an official examination of the use of the law any time it has been invoked.

Justin Trudeau invoked the never-before-used counterterrorism law to suspend civil liberties and confiscate bank accounts and assets to euthanize the weeks-long convoy protest on the streets of Ottawa. Thousands of truckers and their supporters brought their trucks to the nation's capital to protest remaining COVID restrictions.

Rebel News is covering the commission, and we have a rotating team of journalists on the ground in a satellite studio. You can see our work and support our journalistic mission at TruckerCommission.com. I think by the time we get through this video today, you'll see just how important it is for skeptical journalists to be in Ottawa. Because even when the narrative is wrong, these people refuse to let it go.

The truckers brought with them their bouncy castles, their fireworks, barbecues and their sense of fun. Much to the chagrin of many uptight Ottawa residents, including the prime minister himself, who saw these fellow Canadians as foreign invaders.

Now many lies were told about the convoyers by the media and by the politicians, but also by attention-seeking local busybodies, including allegations that went around the world that convoy members were involved in suspected arson at an Ottawa area apartment building. Allegations were that these 'freedom-loving maniacs' tried to burn down an entire apartment block while people slept.

It was first published by a random account on Twitter in a long hand-wringing screed about he didn't want to say these things, but he had to. He, including surveillance photos and then picked up by eager-to-lie Trudeau colonized bailout media.

Even the mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson repeated it as gospel. A truth that convoyers had tried to incinerate people as they slept in their beds.

Now the people who repeated the lie just can't back away from it. Even after police investigated and found that the arson as small as it was, wasn't an attempt by anybody from the convoy to roast people in their sleep. Far left-wing radical Ottawa mayoral candidate Catherine McKenney even refuses to acknowledge that she might have gotten this wrong even after the police investigated and found otherwise.

Now a little bit of additional information came out about the fake arson attempt in the trucker commission.

Every day, the commission actually publishes documents on the website. And every day we go back and read them after already sitting through hours and hours of testimony, even though the other media won't.

And we found this golden nugget buried in the pages published just a few days ago. I'll publish them here for you too so that you can take a look.

I can tell you that this arson attempt rattled many anxiety-riddled, emotionally fragile people in Ottawa and the mainstream media was so serious that nobody actually reported it to the police until the next afternoon.  It was only reported to the social justice police on Twitter.

Let me show you the document.

It's from someone from the Ottawa police service up the chain of command to Patricia Ferguson, the deputy acting chief under former Chief Sloly.

So this is a fire so catastrophic that nobody knew it happened until somebody looked at the surveillance tapes the next afternoon.

Anyway, let's keep going. Because for me this is the best part.

Command center Constable became aware of a social media post on Twitter concerning a possible arson at 225 Lisgar Street related to the freedom convoy and initiated a call for service. FLD attended and generated a report. Information gathered from the complainant suggested that the fire may be related to the convoy demonstrators.

(I hope that person is charged with mischief, by the way, for lying to the police)

The truth is two separate individuals were charged by the first week in April. Neither was associated with a convoy.

And as Rex Murphy writes out in the National Post, won't anybody apologize for these lies?

Why aren’t these grassroots blue-collar Canadians deserving of honest treatment?



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