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UPDATE: Pastor Artur Pawlowski on latest court win, continued service with Street Church in Calgary

Unfortunately for the Pawlowskis, the court does not recognize the hours they serve at Street Church, where they regularly provide meals and comfort for those most marginalized among us on a weekly basis.

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It’s tough times all around the world these days, and no exception is granted for those most marginalized within our society. Here in Calgary, Artur Pawlowski spearheads Street Church, an organization built around feeding the homeless and providing a sense of community for those in pain, be it physical, mental, or spiritual.

Recently Justice Jo'Anne Strekaf of the Alberta Court of Appeal threw out an unconstitutional sentence that a lower-court judge had imposed on Pastor Artur Pawlowski, his brother Dawid Pawlowski, and Alberta businessman Chris Scott. This sentence would have had all three gentlemen submit to compelled speech mandates, and would have prevented Artur from travelling outside Alberta. Aside from the good news, it remains that these three must serve community hours. In the case of the Pawlowskis, they cannot serve these hours at Street Church, where they provide meals and comfort for those most marginalized among us on a weekly basis.

In this report, we reach out to those who come to Street Church, to see what they have to say about the community service Artur commits himself to. Those we spoke to came from a wide range of backgrounds, and all had different reasons for being there. To some it was simply a hot meal, but for others it was a sense of community, something many who attend wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. It’s a difficult thing to take care of those most in need, but Artur and Dawid have been doing so for a very long time, and though the lower court judge, Justice Germain, may have been unwilling to identify this as community service, that is not an opinion broadly shared amongst the people who attend.

In this report we also speak with Artur and Dawid Pawlowski, to get their take on what seems to be good news coming from Justice Jo’Anne Strekaf.

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