UPenn nursing school requires students ask imaginary patients for their preferred pronouns or lose marks

UPenn nursing school requires students ask imaginary patients for their preferred pronouns or lose marks
University of Pennsylvania
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The University of Pennsylvania has mandated that students taking a nursing course ask an imaginary patient for their “preferred pronouns” or have their grades penalized. 

Students sitting for the final exam for the Ivy League university’s prestigious nursing program are required to take an integrated human anatomy class to graduate. According to the Statesman, a student-run publication at UPenn, the anatomy class asks students to inquire about the preferred pronouns of an imaginary patient. 

During the test, students are required to submit a video recording of themselves completing a full-body examination of the nonexistent patient. The publication reports that students begin their interaction by stating their own pronouns and title, and must ask the patient for their preferred pronouns.

In recent years the social justice movement has made the inclusion of preferred pronouns something less than optional, requiring allies of the movement to state their preferred pronouns (he/she/they) before addressing others. The purpose of this exercise is to allow gender-nonconforming and transgender individuals to feel included. 

The rubric of the examination states that five points may be deducted from the 60 point exam if a nursing student fails or declines to identify the patient’s preferred pronouns. Five points are equivalent to nearly an entire letter grade. 

According to the Statesman, the nursing school also runs a course called “Integrated Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Therapeutics.” Documents from the course declare that students who refer to their patients by their preferred pronouns showcase “professionalism.” 

The postmodern practice of gender identification has also spread to the Mayo Clinic, which has introduced wearable buttons for employees to display their preferred pronouns. Preferred pronouns have become a part of the clinic’s “dress and decorum” policy, as well as its email signature policy, which calls on employees to declare their preferred pronouns in emails, reports the Daily Wire

Moves to integrate social justice into practical education like nursing schools, and even law schools, also include concepts of Critical Race Theory and other forms of Marxist indoctrination.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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