U.S. Dept. of Defense investigating new special forces Chief of Diversity & Inclusion over past social media posts

U.S. Dept. of Defense investigating new special forces Chief of Diversity & Inclusion over past social media posts
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The U.S. Department of Defense is reportedly investigating its newly hired head of the U.S. Special Operations Command’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion for his past social media posts.

“USSOCOM welcomes our new Chief of Diversity & Inclusion, Mr. Richard Torres-Estrada. We look forward to his contribution in enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of #SOF through diversity of talent, helping us recruit the best of the best,” USSOCOM posted on Thursday.

Following his appointment to the position last week, Richard Torres-Estrada became the subject of scrutiny on Twitter when posts he made prior to his appointment resurfaced on the social media platform, revealing a vehemently anti-Trump stance and a doctored image comparing the former president to Adolf Hitler.

“Here I leave this and slowly retire (to continue working from home)…,” wrote Torres-Estrada in the post.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson highlighted Torres-Estrada’s conduct on his show last Friday.

“The point is, they’re the same,” Carlson said of the photos. “So, this is the guy who now oversees hiring for the SEALs.” Carlson highlighted Torres-Estrada’s appointment as an example of the Department of Defense’s move leftwards and towards wokeness.

“The Pentagon is now the Yale faculty lounge, but with cruise missiles. That should concern you,” Carlson said.

A spokesperson for USSOCOM told the Daily Caller that the Pentagon has opened an investigation into Torres-Estrada’s conduct on social media, in regard to his posts.

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  • By David Menzies

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