Vaccine or natural immunity? Dr. Steven Pelech on the true efficacy of the COVID shot

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Did natural immunity disappear just like the flu? Based on the tyrannical vaccine passports and mandates sweeping across Canada, with no accommodation for those who have naturally overcome COVID, it appears our public “health” lords believe it has.

So much for following the science, right?

Science like what was found in a large study published at MedRXiv. This study found that while rare, those who received the Pfizer COVID vaccine were statistically more likely to catch COVID-19 or be hospitalized from the virus than those who were unvaccinated, but had naturally overcome the virus.

In this report, I interview University of British Columbia Department of Medicine neurology professor — and also the president and chief scientific officer at Kinexus Bioinformatics — Dr. Steven Pelech.

Pelech isn’t afraid to follow the science, instead of parroting the politically correct illusion of it that we so often now see.

This past August, Pelech wrote a letter to the head of the UBC Faculty Association, Dr. Alan Richardson, outlining why “mandatory masking and vaccines lack efficacy and would be harmful to students.”

And in this report, you’ll hear Dr. Pelech explain the important roll natural immunity plays in life when it comes to COVID-19, as well as discuss the efficacy and potential risks of the vaccines our government is actively coercing people into taking.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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