Vancouver Canucks' anthem singer Mark Donnelly CANCELLED for COVID stance

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Who gets “cancelled” for singing “O Canada” in Canada? Long time national anthem singer for the Vancouver Canucks, Mark Donnelly, that’s who.

Canadians now live in a country where citizens receive fines for opening a church, singing in parks, and get arrested for trying to stay in business. So, does it not seem appropriate that a man who sings about the True North Strong and Free for a living would feel compelled to sing at a protest for freedom, even if there may be fascists waiting to pounce on him for doing so?

After learning that Donnelly had agreed to sing the national anthem at the BC Christmas Freedom Rally in Vancouver, Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini took to Twitter (cancel culture’s favourite social media site) to tweet that Donnelly should now be referred to as the “former Canucks anthem singer”.

As the Toronto Sun so appropriately pointed out, the Canucks looked past their player Todd Bertuzzi breaking Colorado Avalanche forward Steve Moore’s neck in 2004, after he drove Moore’s head into the ice. But singing to raise awareness about what you and thousands of Canadians believe is tyranny, that’s worthy of being ostracized.

Nevertheless, Mark Donnelly refused to be silenced and sang his heart out at the freedom rally anyways.

If you ever need to hire someone to sing at an event, who better to reach out to than an amazingly talented patriot such as Mark Donnelly? Why not let Mark’s boldness be an inspiration to all Canadians who are upset with the government’s overreach and lack of transparency, but hold back on voicing their concerns due to the fear of a fascist-like cancel culture that only carries weight when good people stay silent.

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