WATCH: Victim turns the tables on BULLIES

Ben braves freezing conditions, locked in a cage outside Flinder's Street Station to make a stand against workplace bullying

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Ben Ward is one of the forgotten people of Victoria.

Since July 15 the Melbourne man has locked himself in a cage, only leaving for bathroom breaks, and sleeping rough in freezing conditions.

"I'm in a cage representing the loss of quality of life and the psychological and emotional trauma from being attacked by workplace bullying," he said.

Suffering from hearing loss from an early age, Ben was also diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome on the Autism spectrum.

"I guess because they see my disability as someone who is naive, maybe vulnerable, maybe that they can take advantage for their own benefit in different ways," he said.

"One of the biggest struggles I had when I went to police ... I needed help at the time, had they acted at the time they would have got more solid evidence but because of that delay vital evidence got lost."

Ben has been talking to passersby in front of the iconic Flinder's Street Station, in the hope that it gives others the confidence to stand up for themselves and others who are the target of workplace bullies.

After braving chilling Winter nights on the streets during his month-long stint, Ben's protest ends today.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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