VICTORY: Rebel News helps 95-year-old see her family after being denied because she was unvaccinated

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Last week, I travelled back to Waterford, Ontario in Norfolk County to visit the Lamb family.

You may remember the Lambs from one of our recent Fight the Fines stories. Carol and Grant Lamb racked up $12,000 worth of fines at Pearson International Airport when they refused to enter into the dreaded COVID hotel.

This time, I went back to Waterford for a much happier reason. Marion Lamb, a 95-year-old resident living in a retirement community, was being held against her will by the staff of the facility.

The reason?

The retirement home said she needed to be vaccinated, or she wouldn’t see her family again!

Grant Lamb contacted Rebel News a few weeks ago to report potential elder abuse, and we dove in right away, speaking to our legal experts to try and get to the truth. In the end, the retirement community caved and has agreed to allow Marion to see her family whenever she wants.

Still, the fact remains that they were trying to hold her hostage until she agreed to take the emergency use only vaccine.

Marion is in excellent health and hasn’t had a cold in years, according to her granddaughter, which is why she doesn’t want the vaccine. The family shared how relieved they are to be allowed to spend time with their matriarch, but that they were extremely scared during those stressful weeks, thinking they might never see her again.

We’re so glad that Marion is spending time with her family again, and want to share this story for everyone who has a parent or grandparent in long-term care or a retirement home whom they have been unable to visit.

Do not give up on your family! Even if the facility says you can’t see your loved one, you may still have options.

You can reach out to the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority (RHRA) for help by emailing [email protected].

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  • By Ezra Levant

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