Voices from the battlefield: IDF soldiers open up about the reality of war against Hamas

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On the precipice of a ground offensive against Hamas terrorists, these soldiers are driven not by bloodlust, but a deep desire for peace.

I interviewed soldiers, uncovering their humanity in the face of adversity. For these men, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) isn't a profession – it's a collective vow to protect their homeland.

They are teachers, doctors, and neighbours who, momentarily, put aside their everyday lives to defend their communities.

My conversations with the soldiers reveal a shared sentiment: a longing for a peaceful Israel where families can play without fear, a reality that's been a distant dream for too long.

Despite global scrutiny, these soldiers are steadfast. They don't seek expansion or aggression; their mission is rooted in defence, a sentiment echoing in every conversation I had.

The soldiers express their sorrow for civilian casualties, placing the blame squarely on Hamas, a terror organization that has subjected its own people to unimaginable conditions.

These soldiers are trying to keep spirits high even when their surroundings are in ruins. And amid the hate and division, their message to the world is simple: love overcomes hate, and their mission, though arduous, is a pursuit of peace.

These soldiers aren't faceless aggressors; they are sons, brothers, and friends, driven by an unwavering commitment to safeguard their homeland and restore peace to their communities.

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