Walt Heyer, who lived as a woman for 8 years, on ‘Conversion Therapy’ bans and Bill C-4

Walt believes that pushing irreversible procedures on someone without addressing their underlying mental health needs is outright negligent.

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Walt Heyer underwent gender reassignment surgery and lived as Laura Jensen for eight years before regretting the procedure and de-transitioning.

Since that time, Walt has offered support to thousands of people who reached out to him seeking help after regretting their own gender reassignment procedures. He is uniquely experienced to speak to the concerns surrounding Bill C-4 both because of his personal experience, and because of the thousands of first hands accounts of gender reassignment regrets that he has heard from those reaching out to him for advice.

Walt does not push his convictions or help on anyone, but after what he lived through, he will always be there for people who are going through it as well.

Walt believes that he, and many like him, who have been rushed through a full gender reassignment are very often dealing with multiple psychiatric comorbidities and often generalized dysphoria which must be treated. He believes that these people need help, support that he wishes he would have had, and that performing dramatic and, in many ways, irreversible procedures on someone without addressing their underlying mental health needs is outright negligent.

Unfortunately, in Canada, if Walt were to dare respond to one of the people seeking his help, per the letter of the law he would be a criminal now that Bill C-4 has been passed.

Walt joined me for an interview to share his story and his ongoing work with those who have undergone gender reassignment and are experiencing regret.

The books Walt mentioned, Paper Genders, Trans Life Survivors and A Transgender's Faith, can be found here.

If you believe that Canadians should have access to the counselling, communities and support networks that they feel best meet their needs without government ideologues interfering, go to BanBillC4.com to sign our petition and to send a message to the politicians who passed this terrible bill.

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  • By Adam Soos

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