WATCH: Liberal MPs run away as they can’t address my arguments on Bill C-21

When asked about the motives behind the introduction of Bill C-21, Liberal MPs ran away, acted like they were talking on the phone, didn't say a word, or didn't address my arguments.

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As this session of Parliament comes to an end for summer, I wanted to go to Parliament Hill one last time before MPs head back to their constituencies. 

This time, my questions would be focused on Bill C-21, a recent bill introduced by the Trudeau government that would implement a freeze on the distribution, importation and sale of handguns. 

Knowing that most gun crimes committed in Canada use illegal firearms, I wanted to know how Bill C-21 would help with the crime rate if it only targets legal guns.

That was the question asked to the MPs, and, obviously, Liberal members of Parliament could not answer it. 

The only MP that was able to provide a substantial answer to this question was Alistair MacGregor, who belongs to the New Democratic Party. I took the time to thank him for actually answering my question, unlike his party’s leader, Jagmeet Singh, who refuses to speak to Rebel News

However, not everyone had the same reaction. Other than the lone NDP member, Conservative MPs were the ones consistently providing substantial answers. 

Take a look at the report above to see how everything went. 

If you believe that this bill is nothing more than an ideologically-motivated piece of legislation with the only purpose of making legal gun-owners suffer, please go to and sign our petition. 

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

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