WATCH: Liberals flip flop on ‘equality for all’ question when it comes to unvaccinated Canadians

‘Of course, we should all be equal,’ an attendee told Rebel News after being asked if they agree that equality for all is important. ‘What about unvaccinated having the same rights as vaccinated?’ we asked. ‘Well, that’s different, it’s their choice.’

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“It is our time to recommit ourselves and always be there for each-other,” uttered Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Rebel News reporter William Diaz-Berthiaume and head of post-production Efron Monsanto were both able to pass security and enter the event with full Rebel News gear.

Trudeau was in attendance with his family alongside other Liberal politicians, such as Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez. They were sitting in a special place surrounded by security and fences within the crowd.

The governor general was also present and gave a speech towards the end of the event.

Trudeau gave a speech that most could have found motivational.

“We all built this beautiful country,” he said. “We must move forward.”

Olympic athletes were also on stage for part of the ceremony. Speed skating Olympic champions Kim Boutin and Steven Dubois received congratulations from the prime minister and the crowd.

This is what Trudeau said after having repeatedly stated that Canada is a genocidal country, and after vilifying unvaccinated citizens.

In February, 2022, during the Freedom Convoy, Trudeau claimed that truckers and protesters in attendance were a “fringe minority with unacceptable views.”

Therefore, does Trudeau really believe what he said during the Canada Day Liberal event?

Following his speech, Rebel News travelled across the crowd and asked people in attendance to give their thoughts on Trudeau’s speech.

Most of them agreed that all Canadians should be equal. But when pressed on the issue, and asked if unvaccinated citizens should have the same rights and privileges as vaccinated citizens, they flip flopped.

You can hear the responses we got in the video above.

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