WATCH NOW: We’re finally in the Supreme Court challenging Dan Andrew’s lockdown laws!

WATCH LIVE: Kerry Cotterill v Finn Romanes and Brett Sutton

WATCH NOW: We’re finally in the Supreme Court challenging Dan Andrew’s lockdown laws!
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I’ve been waiting for today for a very long time.

Since October 13, 2020 to be precise.

That’s the day our world-class constitutional barrister, Kathleen Foley, together with our beloved Rebel solicitor Madeleine Smith, filed a major constitutional lawsuit in the Supreme Court of Victoria. The lawsuit challenges the worst part of Dan Andrews’ outrageous lockdown laws — his rule against protests.

Read the lawsuit for yourself:

There have been awful lockdowns around the world. But only Dan Andrews has his police arrest people for merely disagreeing with him — even if they are literally standing by themselves to do it.

That’s what a lovely woman named Kerry Cotterill did. She went for a walk by herself, but because she was holding a fun, hand-made sign asking motorists to “toot” their horn if they opposed Andrews, Kerry was swarmed by police, told she wasn’t allowed to criticize Andrews, and given a whopping $1,652 fine.

It’s all on video — you can watch it here:

Well, we made a big decision last October: not only were we going to fight Kerry’s absurd ticket, we were going to challenge the constitutionality of that police censorship.

We were going to go to court to get the whole thing struck down. To defend not only Kerry, but everyone else in Victoria — thousands of people who have received similar fines to Kerry. And to set a precedent for all of Australia.

It’s our biggest, most ambitious lawsuit ever. But I truly think we can win.

And I’m writing with exciting news — you can watch the trial directly from your computer, TODAY. It’s easy and fast — just click here for simple instructions.

The trial is scheduled to start today at 10:30 a.m. Melbourne time. It’s set to run for three days. I encourage you to tune in to watch our lawyers in action. And just as importantly, to watch Dan Andrews’ lawyers try to defend their China-style censorship. 

And if you’re impressed by our legal team, please help us foot the bill

This is the sort of legal fight you’d expect some left-wing civil liberties group to have fought. But they’ve been absent during the lockdown crisis. So it falls to us — to me and you, our Rebel viewers — to crowdfund the legal fight.

I’m very proud of this lawsuit, and I think we have a real chance of winning, and finally pushing back Dan Andrews. And showing him, and the rest of Australia, and the rest of the world, that:
  • This is still Australia;
  • and we’re still free;
  • and that includes the freedom for Kerry Cotterill to tell Dan Andrews that she disagrees with him!


P.S. Please click here now for the easy instructions on how to watch the trial from your own computer.

P.P.S. And if you’re as grateful for the legal work of our world-class lawyers as I am, please help me crowdfund their fees, by clicking here. (Thank you.)

P.P.P.S. If there’s any surplus in the legal defence fund left over after this trial, we’ll apply it to our Fight The Fines project, to help other Australians whose lockdown tickets we’re fighting in court.


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