WATCH: Pastor Henry Hildebrandt’s speech to Calgary church on state of religious freedom in Canada

Pastor Henry and his congregation were locked out of their church and fined $117,000 for ignoring public health restrictions on religious services.

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Pastor Henry Hildebrandt of the Church of God in Aylmer, Ont. visited Calgary’s Cave of Adullam church over the weekend, delivering a fierce sermon on the state of religious freedom in Canada.

“The storm isn’t past,” said Pastor Henry. “They are coming up with more and more and more. But I’ll tell you one thing: you can’t fight God and win.”

Pastor Henry called out Canadian pastors who have not stood up for their colleagues who were harassed, fined, and even jailed for not abiding by public health restrictions. “By far my biggest disappointment in the last 18 months has been the pastors,” he said. “Where are they? ... What are you afraid of? You’re like a bunch of dogs with your tails between your legs.”

“I have no hatred against any pastor,” Pastor Henry continued. “I just don’t understand, when the people needed you the most: where were you?”

Pastor Henry’s church was locked by an Ontario Superior Court Justice, in addition to receiving fines of $117,000 for ignoring public health restrictions on religious services.

For more reports on Pastor Henry, click here.

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