Waterloo Catholic District School Board refuses to condemn racist, sexist, and anti-Christian comments made by trustee

'The most dangerous creature on the planet is the white Christian male,' tweeted WCDSB trustee Wendy Ashby.

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Wendy Ashby is a trustee with the Waterloo Catholic District School Board (WCDSB) based in Kitchener, Ont. Yet based on her Twitter feed, the question arises: why is Ashby so full of hatred for a certain demographic?

Consider this recent Tweet:

The most dangerous creature on the planet is the white Christian male… They’re a Threat to anyone that is not them. #truth #facts #misogyny #whitentitlement #racism #homophobia

Why is this trustee, who is Caucasian herself and presumably Christian given her place of employment, so full of self-hatred?

We planned on asking her this question at last Monday’s WCDSB meeting, but Ashby was a no-show, instead she attended the meeting virtually via Zoom.

Ashby’s absence was most likely due to the dozens of demonstrators who attended the meeting, many demanding that Ashby be fired. Alas, not only is Ashby a racist and a sexist and a misandrist, but given that she was AWOL she’s also a coward.

The same could be said for the pathetic educrats who comprise the WCDSB. Indeed, when asked if the board was going to condemn Ashby’s vile remarks, the board temporarily suspended the meeting! They also called the police, and sure enough, six (!) Waterloo Regional Police cruisers showed up. (Apparently, there is no real crime occurring in Kitchener these days, just thought crimes).

What followed next was something akin to a hostage negotiation. The brokered deal was this: the WCDSB staff would reconvene the meeting on the proviso that one parent would be permitted to ask one question or issue one statement. And that was indeed the case.

But here’s the rub: nobody on the WCDSB condemned the vile statements by Wendy Ashby. So, does that mean that given their silence that they agree with her and her sentiments? Or is it fashionable these days – even at a Catholic school board – to vilify and demonize white male Christians? Unbelievable…

UPDATE | After Rebel News' publication, a school board trustee denounced her colleague over the racist statement posted to Twitter.

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