“We never had the money to renovate”: Help repair the church roof on Tsuut'ina land

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Places of worship should be respected. This was once a virtually universal sentiment here in Canada, but with over 50 incidents of arson or vandalism at churches having taken place across our country and an entirely inadequate response from authorities and politicians, that once fixed moral pillar appears to have been shaken.

Rebel News will continue to bring you coverage of the attacks on churches, but we want to do more than just talk about the need to protect and preserve these places of worship… we want to do something about it.

With your help, we are going to crowdfund a new roof for a First Nation church on Tsuut’ina Nation land, just outside of Calgary. While progressives and radicals target places of worship, we know that our principled viewers will step up to help a church in need.

If you agree that churches should be respected, go to RepairTheChurch.com and make a contribution to this initiative today. This is not a small project — we need to raise $12,500 to pay for this new roof.

But Rebel News has taken this on because we believe it matters. This is an opportunity to make it clear that Canadians respect places of worship, and that churches should, and will, be protected and preserved.

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  • By Adam Soos

Repair the Church

$24,679.88 Raised
Goal: $12,500.00


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