“We thought we were being good citizens”: Alberta cop tickets protester holding COVID vaccine sign

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Nicolas Brunner is just a regular guy from a regular town in Alberta. And he's been handed a very expensive fine for doing a very normal thing: protesting bad government decisions.

In December, Brunner, from Innisfail, headed to the neighboring community of Red Deer for an anti-lockdown protest — one of many held every single weekend in small towns and big cities all across the province.

And every single weekend in those same small towns and big cities, people are receiving tickets for breaching public health regulations as part of the government crackdown on public gatherings.

Brunner is one of those people. He received a $1,200 ticket for attending an outdoor demonstration against the COVID restrictions.

But he's not paying it. He's pleading not guilty.

Luckily, Brunner sent us his ticket at www.FightTheFines.com and we're helping him fight it in court by putting him in touch with the top criminal lawyer at no cost to him.

If you'd like to help us fight for civil liberties one ticket at a time, please donate at www.FightTheFines.com.

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