Western University Student Council’s motion to oppose COVID-19 mandates FAILS

53% of the members of the student council at Western University, which currently forces all of its students to receive three COVID vaccine doses, voted down a motion to oppose the vaccine mandate and mask mandate.

Western University Student Council’s motion to oppose COVID-19 mandates FAILS
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A motion opposing Western University's mask and vaccine mandates was just now voted down by more than half of the university’s student council. 

The reason why this is currently a hot topic is because Western University recently decided to impose a vaccine mandate on its students. The institution is therefore the only university across Canada to mandate a booster shot for all staff and students.

However, donors and prospective donors are exempt from this requirement.

The decision taken by the university caused thousands of individuals, including students and activists, to rally on campus and show their disapproval for these measures. 

Western University’s Student Council reportedly then met to vote on a motion which would oppose the university’s COVID-19 mandates. 

“The motion for the Western USC to oppose the mask mandate fails to pass at tonight’s [Western University’s student council’s] meeting with 53% opposed,” wrote an anti-mandate activist group at Western University on Twitter.

“A motion to oppose the vaccination mandate was brought forward to be voted on after student consultation at the next meeting but also failed with 53%.”

Julie Ponesse has made a short video online addressing the morality behind the university's decision to force a booster shot on its students. She also gave a speech during the rally on campus regarding the same topic. 

The activist group is telling students who disagree with the decision to contact their councillors at the following link: http://westernusc.ca/your-voice/council/

To view more about the students’ opinions regarding booster mandates at Western University, click here to view Lincoln Jay’s report of the massive protest that occurred last week on campus. 

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